Studio Spiritus Menu:

Breakfast, all served with coffee or tea
Organic, free-range Eggs made with onions and peppers, toast, orange or
Mango/orange juice available.
Need description…Sample: Organic, free-range eggs made with organic, seasonal vegetables. Served with toast and juice.

Yogurt with granola and fruit
Brown cow organic yogurt or Greek yogurt with seasonal fruit and granola layered parfait style.
Need description.

Oatmeal with fruit
Organic oatmeal (gluten free available upon request) served with fresh berries in season. Also served with honey for sweetener if desired. Need description.

Hoemade blueberry muffins, almond muffins or homemade biscuits with wholewheat flour. Gluten free available if requestedNeed description.

Lunch or Dinner, all served with coffee or tea

This elegant, vegetarian meatloaf is made with ground walnuts and pecans, organic spinach and Swiss chard, onions bread crumbs and fresh parsley and other spices. Comes with choice of salad

Vegetable Strudel, tossed salad
This is a big hit at our studio. Even meat eaters love this dish! It has several different chopped (fresh) vegetables which are mixed with brown rice, cream cheese and Swiss cheese and dill. It is delicious and healthy, but tastes rich and very good! This is served with a carrot and raisin salad with poppy seed dressing and whole wheat bread

Barbequed Lentil Loaf, tossed salad
This loaf is made with brown rice, lentils, herbs, onions
With a barbecue sauce that ties it all together. Very popular

Tossed salad includes pecans, cranberries, sliced carrots, purple cabbage (shredded) served with a homemade dressing of fresh herbs

Soup, African Peanut; Lentil
This is a very hearty thick soup with sweet potatoes, carrots, peanut butter (healthy kind) no hydrogenated oils, and spices. It is a crowd pleaser! Served with your choice of salad and whole wheat bread.

California Crustless Quiche
Made with cage free, organic eggs, zucchini squash, onions and two cheeses. Served with your choice of salad.

Veggie Sunburgers:
Made fresh in the studio’s kitchen with ground raw sunflower seeds, tofu, carrots, celery and spices, these veggie burgers are tasty and lighter than typical burgers. Served with tossed salad, cold slaw or carrot/raisin salad with poppy seed dressing.

Design your own menu
Work with the Studio Spiritus staff to design the menu that is perfect for your event.
*Gluten free breads are available at your request.


Apple Crisp
Crisp made with organic apples, oatmeal, nuts (optional) and spices.

Raw Key Lime Pie
An amazing pie which is all vegan–tastes very similar to key lime pie but much healthier!

Apple Cake
Made from scratch with whole wheat flour.

Flourless Chocolate Cake
A very rich treat made with Ghirardelli chocolate, organic eggs, organic butter.

Ice Cream
Haagen Daz & Breyers Ice Creams
SoyDelicious non-dairy Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream – non-dairy

Breakfast prices range from $7- $10 per person
Lunch or Dinner prices range from $10 – $20 per person
Dessert prices range from $4-$6 per person
GLuten free breads and desserts—call for pricing