The Studio

With a wall of windows overlooking a small private lake, Studio Spiritus allows its guests to connect with nature in comfort and security. The studio sits on 2.5 acres located ½ mile from the Overland Park Arboretum. Our interest in the environment is expressed by our studio being completely run by solar power, recycled blue jean insulation, and a state of the art water machine that takes water from the air, filters it and passes it through LED lights making it the purest water available anywhere.The studio comfortably fits 15-50 people for a daylong event, or up to 100 for a concert format or shorter event.

With a large main room, small quiet space, gift shop and access to 3 bathrooms ,one on the main floor as well as a loft, the Studio is ideal for workshops and break-out sessions.
With excellent acoustics, the facility is ideal for intimate concerts and performances. Enjoy the original art murals on 3 walls, as well as a hand painted floor that makes you feel like you are in nature. There are large wooden sculptures as you look out the windows, as well.


Main room is 1300 sq‘ (22’x48’)
Quiet room is 170 sq.’ (10′ x 17′)
The studio also has a loft, full basement, small gift shop (8’x8’), and 2 restrooms.

To maintain its environment for the next user, and the integrity of the space and community, Studio Spiritus requires the following restrictions be adhered to:

  • No smoking of any product (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc)
  • No drugs
  • No excessive noise